Allan West official site        Japanese-style painter, Mr.Allan West. 

                              Both his works and his personality are wonderful.       

             CERVIETTI Franco & C        Studio of sculptor Mr.Franco Cervietti.

                                                       I heard he is No.1 sculptor in Pietrasanta.

             Hitoshi Tanaka's Studio       Japanese sculptor, Mr.Hitoshi Tanaka.

                                                      He works internationally.

               Powerbullet Presenter         "Powerbullet Presenter", a program for multi-page presentations.

                                                       I made the front page by this program.

       Sota's Web Page         "FFFTP", a multithread application.          

                              I could transfer heavy files by this program.

       Pixia                   A painting tool for web site.                 

                              I used this program for cutting a photo for the main page.


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